Hobbit Pretties

So now we have the casting for some of the Hobbit sorted. And there's quite a bit of pretty in the list.

I'm thinking Aidan Turner.

Who's a bit like sex on legs really.

Oh yes...

Richard Armitage.

I wonder if he'll have special dwarven eyeliner?

As long as we've got black leather in there somewhere, it'll be fine...

Then there's Rob Kazinsky (late of Eastenders)’ll-miss-you/ (scroll down to the bottom for a shirtless pic!)

And he did a rather fascinating advert for Radox...

(Oh yes, I know Martin Freeman is going to be Bilbo, but I don't fancy him!)

Christian Cooke picspam

Pretty, pouty boy Christian Cooke is in a new show, Trinity on ITV2. The first ep makes it look like it's going to be along the same lines as Hex but with less believable scenarios.

However, Christian is being very pretty in it, and a bit of bastard. He also gets naked an indulges in more than a bit of rumpy-pumpy. So I might just keep watching.

In celebration Gay Spy have a couple of pic posts:

Christian Cooke Naked


Who wants to see Chrisitan Cooke's bum

You can guess the level they're working at from the titles can't you?