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Slash Grannies

You're Never Too Old to Perv

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Picture this: you're watching a film or tv show and you find yourself drawn to a particular character. They're attractive. You fancy them. You settle down to a nice fantasy when it suddenly dawns on you.

You're old enough to be their mother! (or grandmother!) Or nearly/thinking about being there!

So what do you do? Stop perving them?

Don't be daft! You join slash_grannies.

We're a safe haven for your (legal) perving needs. A place where you can hang out, discuss, rec, pimp and perv over your objects of desire without shame or fear of condemnation. We understand. We're in the same boat. The pretty ones are getting younger by the week.

Who are 'we'?
Your mods are jhava and bigtitch. We have a few years of fandom between us.

Do I have to be a granny to join?
No. There's no fixed, lower age-limit to joining this community. The only qualification is that you have to have found yourself uttering the phrase 'But I'm old enough to be their mother!' (or close enough) at some point in your fandom career.

So why the name?
Well, it goes back to a few years ago, when three fangirls were at a Stargate Convention in London. Songvids were being played while they were waiting for the first guest talk to start. Although not specifically slash-vids, it was Stargate we're talking about here, and there came a particularly longing look from Daniel to Jack. The three of us spontaneously said, 'They're so doing it!' At this, two women in the seats in front of us, immediately turned round to face us. They were in their late fifties, but otherwise unremarkable. They didn't say a word, but nodded their enthusiastic approval and agreement and then turned back to face the front, still without saying a word. We have no idea who they were, but from that moment on they became the Slash Grannies. This community is named in their honour as a fine example to all fangirls.

What are we going to do here?
Have fun, we hope. This is a place to hang out and gossip really with like-minded friends. Somewhere to rec fic and vids, pimp shows and people, drool and discuss, moan and rant as well.

Is it slash only?
Not at all. jhava and bigtitch are confirmed slashers, but het, gen and femme-slash are more than welcome.

Can I only mention young pretties here?
No, this community is for perving of all ages. The age qualification is for the community members, not what we're admiring. There is no age-limit on a good perv.

What about rules
Four words: Have fun. Play nice.
We all know what they mean. If you don't know how to play nice you're obviously too young for this community.

What about spoilers?
This is a multi-fandom, international community. You can't assume that everyone has seen episodes for currently active shows. Be considerate and flag for spoilers in discussions - the lj-cut is everyone's friend.

What's off-topic?
This is a fandom-based community, so the expectation is that we'll be talking about fandom things here. Going off-topic in comment threads is fine, but let's at least start posts in fandom!